Monday, January 30, 2012

Sy and Aesa are really excited about finishing this  block work and getting ready to work with wood again.    

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Video blog

Allright, let me see if I can get this video of Sy kayaking to upload. If not, you guys can just be satisfied with a picture..... Here we go!
Today was like a holiday.  It reminded me of a snow day back in Virginia .  It rained all night and in the morning everything was immensely different.  Every stream is swollen and flooded.  Sy jumped on this opportunity to do some kayaking.    He even   Began the trip right outside out doorstep at the Jarvis spring......check out this video.....  Be patient with the photographer....I was dangling over this mess with the I-phone!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ron has put tons of hours into preparing garden beds.   Here are some terraced garden spots on the hillside.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

These items have been carefully dug up, cleaned,and categorized by our on site team of junior archeologists.
The walls are coming up! I really hope Nora is not in charge of leveling this wall.
Got the Dutch oven working overtime here in the Ozarks .... Tonight we are having barley casserole and vegetable soup...
There is just about nothing sweeter than a little one with a bird nest.   Except maybe that Josie cradled this treasure all the way Down the mountain and protected it for about two hours so she could give it to me.    Best present ever!
Eileen stays busy all the time.    She just transplanted 2 trays of broccoli into the greenhouse.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I enjoy cooking over a fire.   Before we left,  Sy went on a blacksmithing binge and made me a great set of cooking gear!  Thanks, dear-   Hope you enjoy this lentil/ barley/ veggie stew!   I made cornbread over the fire also, but I will post a pretty picture of that later.   The edges were a bit too brown for posting !
Selene was in charge of hauling water for this project.  She counted her buckets--64. That is about 1,500 pounds of water!  Way to go, girl!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tara-   This one is for you and Maren.   Remember making that arch in the science museum?   Here is the inside of the root cellar with the arched roof.   It reminded me so much of you girls struggling to hold the blocks in place, and here they have made the roof with very big heavy rocks and it has been here for a really long time!!
Not sure why I love this structure so much, but I sure do.   It is a very old root cellar and I think it is just beautiful.
Here we are driving in.   The views are gorgeous , and I imagine they are even more incredible in the spring.   The shades of green are probably so inspiring then.
I think the road signs out here are great!   Here is the one onto the road Sy's     Folks live on...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Phoebe and the resident ducks,   Bill and Carla
Sy and Aesa milled up ash  here on the property and are building forms to pour the footer.
Here is the back wall of the newly dug out root cellar.
Project 1-   This is the remains of the foundation of a pre-civil war era house.   The wooden part on top was removed years ago and sent to a local historical attraction.   Now they are cleaning out the foundation and we will build a root cellar on the bottom and a workshop on top.
The new greenhouse going up....
Home sweet winter home

Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hitting the Trail.....

Well, we are down to the wire here and just about packed.    A quick inventory list includes....

15 windows    +     2  Doors  +    2 Axes  +  1 box of handtools  +   the sawmill,     +    4 Kayaks,  ( come on, are these ALL really necessary, Sy ?)   the welder,      +    1 Canoe +  2 guitars    + 1 violin    +   a couple hundred feet of rope     + Camping gear    +       5 bikes     + 3 dutch ovens and assorted cookware     +  food   +   3 propane tanks  + a host of squawking parrots and kids.........

            What do you think, can we possibly be forgetting anything?    Tomorrow morning we hit the road, and I am feeling a bit like we should be getting on the Oregon Trail instead!                

Monday, January 2, 2012

a cool breeze blows in

It always happens this time of year.    The days get shorter and brisker, a sharp wind picks up, the geese fly low in the sky, and my family gets itchy feet.   Sy starts pacing and looking up at the clouds and mumbling about the weather and how it makes him feel the need to go fiddle with the sailboat motor.  The kids start reminiscing about previous trips and who they want to visit this year.   I begin to mildly panic as I realize we are about to hit the road again and there are so many loose ends still needing to be attended to.    The past few years have put us on a sailboat heading south to Florida.   The weather was warm, and friends and family abound there.   We saw lots of dolphins and made a bunch of memories.
      This year, the winds will be blowing us a different direction.    We have pulled our sailboat out of the water for the winter ( note previous picture post from mobile upload)    and left Sol Adventurer in Shady Side, MD for the cold months.   The rest of us will be taking a road trip this winter to Arkansas to view the new Jarvis homestead out there.    Sy's parents and his brother, Aesa, are there currently clearing the land, cleaning out springs, digging a root cellar and setting up in their new home.   We are excited to see them again and looking forward to helping establish the homestead in Arkansas.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

a step forward

      Starting a blog is something I have been contemplating for a long time.   It seems very intimidating to me, and I am still a bit unsure how I am going to manage to find a few extra minutes each week to keep up with the blog.  However, here we go!    I am jumping into the big, formidable computer world for several reasons.
     Number one reason began with a knife Sy made last month.    "A knife-- no big deal--"  you think.   However, this was no ordinary knife.  This knife began as a discarded car spring in the woods.  Sy found the rusty piece of metal and brought it home.   Then he took a few days to cut out a usable piece and began to shape it.  He created a forge in our yard out of bricks and a vacuum cleaner and a bunch of duct tape.   He tempered the blade in the wood stove and with old used car oil.   Then he carved a handle out of a moose antler the neighbor gave him. He put the handle on using some copper rivets he made out of  tubing he salvaged from an old ice maker.  Many days later, he sewed a leather case for the knife, complete with a bone button he made himself.   My husband is quite an amazing artist and I want to record the beautiful things he makes and share them with others.   I think there are many in the world who will really enjoy the art he creates and it deserves to be shared.
        Number two reason is for all those who see us briefly at an art show or fair.   They are intrigued and fascinated and want to know more.  So, this site is for those people who are interested in what we do and want another peek into our lives.
         Number three is for my family and friends.   They miss us terribly when we travel, and want to hear all about our adventures.   I write this for them so that they can come along with us and take part in the journey as well.
         Number four reason is my selfish one.   I plan to use this site as a way to promote a simpler, slower pace of  living.   I want to encourage others to turn off the TV and have a game night or learn how to crochet with their family.   I am hoping to brighten your lives with new thoughts an ideas.....How about a new recipe for the zucchini we are always flooded with in the summer, a craft project that takes minutes to prepare and the kids loved, an easy laundry detergent recipe or a new use for old t-shirts.   You get the idea!  Let's shake up the way things are normally done and have some fun doing it!    
          Number five reason is for my children.   This is their life and their memories.   I want to record it for them, and give them a page to look back upon fondly and smile...  I wish for them to take their cup of life,  drink it down with pleasure, and then share with others the joy they found along the way.       Enjoy.....