Monday, February 27, 2012

Back at the Jarvis homestead,  the new workshop is coming along nicely!
The kids had so much fun exploring.   Josie found some scraps from an ancient children's book by an old Cotten mattress.  These were coveted treasures they brought home.
This was another homestead in the park.    It  was closer to the dirt road through the park.   It was built in 1850, but they leave it all open for folks to explore.
One of my favorite things are old farmhouses.    They are nestled all around the national park and I just love walking up to one and imagining all the generations that lived and worked and survived within the walls of the home.    Here was one the girls and I and Eileen found on our hike.
Eileen and I took Josie and Phoebe on a 6 mile hike last week.   The scenery was just breath-taking...
Glad we got one snow day , at least!

Monday, February 20, 2012

These gables have been a bit of a challenge,  but I think they will turn out nice.
Roof raisin'.      Amish style!
Happy Valentine's day!   Peach and Raspberry cobbler made in the Dutch   oven. ( I am really liking this Dutch oven).  

Monday, February 13, 2012

A view from the top...
It was beautiful, though!
What ?    I have to crawl along here?   (you can't tell how high we were).  Sy and selene were unfazed.
One of these days I will learn--whenever Sy invites me to go on a "walk" and then tells me that it is probably not a good trip to carry Nora ready for extreme rugged hiking!
The walls are going up now.  They are all cedar framed as well.    Sy asked me to mention that all the cedars that they have used so far were dead.   So the lumber used for the majority of the framing on the workshop was from dead cedars here on the property.    There are tons of cedars on the property, so that has worked out well.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

One of the things I love about traveling is the simplicity of only bringing along the basic necessities.  Before we left, Sy made these two wooden boxes.  One holds his clothes and the other holds mine.    They rest at the end of our bed. I love doing one load of laundry a week and just sorting what we really need.   The dishes are always washed because we only have enough for one meal.   The only books on the shelf are the ones we are currently reading, and there is just no room for any clutter to accumulate.... And I always get charged up and ready to majorly declutter and simplify when I get home.   It always amazes me how much stuff I have compared to how little I use on a daily basis.
The milling has begun!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We have finished the concrete work , and now have begun the wood framing on the top.    Sy, Ron and Aesa took down some dead cedars and drug them down to the mill.    We will mill all the cedar into the framing for the top of the building.
"under the big sky" lecture series---  today Josie gave us a lecture on fossils...
I took a mountain bike ride with Sy a couple days ago.   It was a six mile uphill ride, but the views at the top were inspiring.   I am so glad that somebody at some point decided to make this a national park.   It is so isolated and gorgeous.   The video does not do justice to the real thing, but you get the idea.