Monday, February 18, 2013

Coming along

 We have made good progress on the house building the past couple weeks.  The weather has been cooperative and the root cellar is coming along nicely.   This project is proving to be very labor intensive.    We have used all of the stones that were close to the house or in the original structure.
 At this point, all the  stones are being removed from our "rock quarry" piece by piece.   They are then hand cut to fit the building and carried back down the hill.   The guys are loading them onto the truck and driving them up to the house site.   It is taking longer than anticipated, and the work is slow.   However, it is coming along and in another week , we should reach to top of the building.  
 We have some other projects going on here too.   Josie and I have been working on a quilt.   She really enjoys the quiet simplicity of this project and we work on it most evenings. 
 Selene has been doing a lot of crocheting and knitting to build up a supply of items to sell at our shows and markets.   She is also making lots of items for the family.  Here is a sweet pair of fingerless gloves that she made last week for Nora.  
    Every once in a while we need a break.   We had a few nice days last week and everyone did some rock climbing.   We have also gotten some hiking and mountain biking in as well.   The Buffalo National Park is quite a stunning park and we are fortunate to be right here. 
 Then, we head back to the rock pile!    The stone masons are working hard and the new house is coming along nicely!