Saturday, March 1, 2014

Here comes an adventure!

     It is really hard to begin blogging again after you have abandoned it for a period of time and the enthusiasm has waned.   However, I do still feel it is important, and I will attempt to skip the excuses, move past the reservations, and continue with my blogging.    These first few entries will be easy.  I have lots of family and friends that are pressuring me for information.  They want to know what in the world we are up to hiding out in a school bus in the Ozarks.   And so, I begin to disclose our latest project….. “Transfer Anna and Family to Mountain Life.” 

        This past fall we took a 1996 International School Bus and converted it into an RV.  (Yes, this project deserves a blog entry and perhaps one day I will get up the inspiration to complete one.)   We had marvelous ideas and lots of plans for the RV.    However, life sometimes   takes you in directions that you had not planned on, and that was the story of our winter this year.   We were unsure of our plans, when Sy’s sister, Anna, called and said she needed some help.   She wanted to have a life change with her man and their 2 kids.    They had decided to move to Arkansas and build a home on the family property there.   Now we had a plan and a direction.  

        Within just a few days, we had the bus (aka The Rambling Bounder) heading south towards Florida.   We loaded all Anna’s stuff onto the top of the bus and began a journey to Arkansas.    It was a full adventure -complete with a dog, a cat, a rabbit, 2 birds, 7 kids and Sy and I.  (This also probably deserves another blog entry).      Now we are settled in and working away at building a cabin for Anna and her family.   
      This building project is not unlike many of our other building projects.   It involves a large crew of barefoot children,  a variety of locally produced materials,  a collection of assorted hand tools and a lot sweat and  determination.   This is a great recipe for another fulfilling winter. 


Bethany said...

Yay! So happy to see an update on your adventure. I am disappointed that there is not a picture of all the luggage tied on top of the Bounder!
We miss you!

Rachael said...

Bethany- Check out the first picture. I am working on getting it on there. Please note, first picture was taken after removing 3 mattresses and quite a bit of immediately needed items. I should have thought to snap one sooner!!

Anna M. Branner said...

Goodie! So glad to hear from you. I have been wondering while it has been SO COLD here at home in Virginia.

Bethany said...

I see the pictures now! When i first commented they must not have loaded yet. Looks like you are having an exciting time- thanks for the update!

Mosquito Creek Farm said...

Thank you so much for doing this for us Rachael! Even you will enjoy looking back one day at a few details that seem to get forgotten. The bus, inside and out, looks beautiful and adventurous!

Scott Mick said...

I will always love and miss Granny Jarvis. She was an inspiration and may Yancy Rest in Peace. This life or the next!