Wednesday, March 5, 2014

House Progress

     Choosing a house site is always a very important part of the process.   There are many things to consider.    For this particular house, the site was chosen because it was convenient to water and had relatively easy access to the site by car.    However, it is also on the side of a hill and so finding a spot that was flat enough was a challenge.   The site was chosen and a path was cleared to it by Grampy and his crew of kids.   

       We used local cedar trees on rock foundations for the base.    The kids and Chris brought the trees to the house site and stripped the bark off the ones that would be used on the interior.    Sy and Aesa laid out the floor and began nailing it together.  

      This particular project has its own set of issues that we have had to work around.   For one thing, the house site is on the top of the hill.   We can drive somewhat close to the site, but not with a trailer full of wood.   All the building supplies must be carried in.   There is no electricity at this house site yet, and so the majority of the work is done by hand, with a chainsaw, or done elsewhere and carried up to the site.   We have a financial boundary, and the house cannot cost more than $2,500 to build.    We have used as much local wood as possible and salvaged lots of parts such as the windows.  Lastly, we have a time restriction.   Sy and I need to be back to Virginia by mid-March to get gardens planted and begin to prepare for our market season.   We need to finish this project in less than 3 weeks.   For this reason, we have chosen to purchase some of the lumber instead of milling it ourselves as we normally do.   

       This house is located on a beautiful mountain side.   We have given it a large porch and lots of windows from which to enjoy the view.  Anna and Chris have two children, Leah and Raylon, so we have incorporated a large loft area with dormers and six upstairs windows.   This will be the sleeping area.    So far, the project is coming along well and everyone is enjoying working together on it.