Thursday, April 10, 2014

House Construction in Arkansas

     I am writing today’s blog post from Granny’s new house.     Granny is sleeping peacefully in the bed beside me and Avyn is napping on his tiny mat on the other side of me.    So, how did we get here after working on Anna’s house?   Life jumped in and made things interesting once again.   

       A couple weeks into Anna’s house project we got a call from Sy’s Granny.    She was not able to care for herself and needed some extra help.   So, Anna’s house was put on hold temporarily, and we began to build another house for Granny to come and stay with the family here in Arkansas.    I will spare all the details, as most of the building was similar style to the other house project.   I will however, include some pictures of Granny’s new abode.   It is a little “L” shaped building with a cute porch and a cozy, well insulated room inside.   

      Granny rode up the driveway in mid-March waving to all of us on her way up to her new house.   Meanwhile, Sy and Aesa were hustling to  laying the flooring down.   She had to wait a few minutes for the floor to be finished and then we moved her right in.    

   Here in Arkansas, there are now 4 generations of Jarvis family living and working together.   I am thankful that she is able to be here, and grateful  for the time I was able to spend with her this March.  Anna’s house was worked on again after we got Granny all settled in.   We left it mostly completed and they are all currently finishing up the final parts of construction on this home.    It was quite a full winter after all!


Mosquito Creek Farm said...

Love the new look Rachael! I miss Granny, I feel her distance. Thank you for posting!

Rachael said...

Thanks! I took advantage of Z being around and set her on blog duty!

Pleasance Faast said...

Your granny's new home is adorable!. You guys really did a wonderful job with that quaint little abode. Kudos! Anyway, thanks for sharing that! I hope everyone in your family is in the best of health this season.

Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roofing