Monday, March 16, 2015

New Beginnings....

     Spring is always an exciting time for me.   The anticipation of new projects and the excitement of another  garden always thrills me.  However, this year,  I am especially looking forward to March 20 and the spring equinox.    In many cultures' calendars, the spring equinox marks a new year, just as January 1 is the beginning of our calendar year.   For thousands of years, in different places and in different ways, people have celebrated spring as a time of new beginnings, when the land and our spirits become alive again.   I think that this applies well to my family this year.   We are ready to toss off the coats that we needed this cold, dark winter.   We are ready to fully embrace the possibilities of new gardens, new interests and new directions.  

      We have spent much of the winter working on building a new wood working shop for Sy.  We needed a big project to focus our attention.      Sy has been instrumental in creating this diversion to keep everyone focused in a positive direction and ensure our hands and minds were not idle.  As a result, we have a lovely new shop that is almost completed.   

      We have been quite pleased to see the shop emerge as a community project.   It became something like an old-fashioned barn raising.   There was hardly a day that went by that someone did not drop by to lend a hand on this project.    Sy and I firmly believe in the value of giving into your community.     We try to live a giving life and hold onto a faith that our community will be there when we need them.   Regardless, we have been touched by the amount of love the community poured back into us within the walls of this workshop.  At present, I estimate about 20 different folks have come by at some point to lend a hand. When we neared the end of building this shop, we had run low on funds.   We did not have enough left for the metal roofing.      Our community stepped up, pooled their resources, and purchased the roof for us.  We realized an important lesson with this act.  
We knew that this project was more than just a diversion for us.  It had become an opportunity for our community to pull together, work on something as a group and spread some love.  We knew that this building had impacted and taught many people, and it was not just a blessing for us.   Our dream is that this building will become a place that the community can gather, learn, teach and share.   We want it to be a place where opportunities are not squelched by economic status.   We hope to provide a workshop for people to freely come and work on projects or get help with a current creation.   We want to see this workshop as not just our workshop.   We want it to be a destination for everyone.

       Now the spring equinox emerges.   It is a time of new beginnings.  We have a new workshop to embrace and fill with tools.   We have a new garden ready to be turned and seedlings to plant.     But most importantly, we have hope.    And sometimes that is worth more than everything else.